The ICI is funded by an endowment that guarantees that these efforts will live forever yet remain responsive to the changing needs of the industry. Most lovers of these remarkable animals care about their welfare today and wish to plan for their care for tomorrow. Your donation can turn many dreams into a legacy. By contributing to the ICI Fund at The Ohio State University Foundation you will guarantee that every penny given is used for the International Camelid Institute. Donors can choose from a range of options such as annual gift agreements, one time gifts, and pledges given over several years. Your organization can also contribute to the efforts of the ICI in the same way.

There are various methods of raising funds which can then be donated to the ICI. Many organizations hold silent and live auctions at annual meetings or at larger shows. Why not designate a portion of the monies raised to the ICI Endowment or Earnings Funds? Splitting proceeds between your group and ICI is an excellent way to enhance the activities and support local, national and international camelid efforts all at once! When planning your organization’s annual donation budget, include the ICI as one of the recipients since the services and activities of ICI will be there to benefit your animals and countless others. Just about any method used to raise funds for your organization can be used to help the ICI and, in turn, all the camelids.

If you are involved in any aspect of owning, breeding, caring for, or marketing any member of the camelid family, both you and the animals will benefit from the development of this worldwide, state-of-the-art information and education network including:

  • Immediate access to experts.
  • Information at your fingertips on our website.