Camelids: Gamma Validation Project Goes Ahead

1st October 2010 ~ Camelids: Gamma Validation Project Goes Ahead
Camelid TB Support Group
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Dianne Summers writes:
"Contracts have been signed and the Camelid Gamma Validation Project commences. It is envisaged it will be completed by mid 2011.
The project not only aims to validate the Camelid Gamma Interferon but ALSO the Chembio Rapid Stat Pak Test.
Both tests have ALREADY been used and trialed on a large number of members of the TB Support Group and we owe them a huge debt of gratitude - if it hadn't been trialed on TB herds under restriction the validation project would have gone no further. So firstly and foremost we need to thank them.
We also need to give a huge thank you to the Alpaca owners from TB Free areas who have offered up 300+ ALPACAS for the trial. The camelid industry have a lot to thank both those under TB restriction who have trialed either or both tests and the owners of the 300 who have offered their alpacas for testing. Thank you all so very much.
The project was jointly funded by BCL and BAS members at a cost of approx £100,000. A small price to pay if we achieve a validated and reliable ante mortem test or tests at the end of it. If you divide BAS share of £50,000 it works out that each member has contributed just £40.00 of their membership fee. I cannot imagine any BAS member begrudging that.
If we were to start a project like this from scratch it would cost millions so we need to thank Martin Vordermeier and Shelley Rhodes and his team at the VLA for all their hard work.
The Camelid TB Support Group work closely with the VLA on this project and the results will be reported to us once the trial is over.
Lastly this project would not have gone forward if it wasn't for the efforts of Mike Birch the Ex Chair of the BAS and also to BCL Chair Nick Weber. Thanks to you both for working with the TB Support Group.
Dianne Summers