Behavior/Training Consult


Marty McGee Bennett

Marty McGee Bennett's first llama jumped off the back of a pickup truck and into her heart in 1981. Since then Marty has devoted her professional life to the well being of llamas and alpacas and the education of camelid enthusiasts. Over the years Marty has been a llama breeder, conference organizer, board member, fiber artist, and most importantly trainer and teacher. Marty brings a variety of experience and qualifications to her work with camelids, including a B.S. degree in Animal Behavior. Marty's knowledge of TTEAM (Tellington-Touch Every Animal Method invented by Linda Tellington-Jones), with the principals of balance and leverage and a second sense with both camelids and people make "Camelidynamics" the world's most popular, and enduring training/handling system for camelids. Marty has taught the principles of animal handling to veterinarians and veterinary students at veterinary schools around the county and was the only non-DVM invited to contribute to the Veterinary Clinics of North America series on Camelids. Her clinics, books and videos have helped thousands of llama and alpaca owners more fully understand, appreciate and enjoy this magical animal. Marty's most recent book "The Camelid Companion" published in 2001 has received rave reviews in publications worldwide. Conducting hundreds of clinics in North America and around the world including numerous trips to Australia, New Zealand and Europe have kept Marty on the road for much of the past 20 years. Marty her husband Brad and their family of four-leggeds recently settled down in Bend, Oregon after spending a year touring the country in a motor home. For more information about Marty, clinics and equipment log on to